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As Zim Engineering we manufacture and supply concrete pavers machines, block making machines, concrete paver making machines, concrete block making machines, concrete pipe making machines, concrete manhole making machines, concrete pipe machines, concrete manhole machines, manhole making machines, pipe making machines, concrete batching systems, briquet machines, briquet making machines, concrete pavers machine, block making machine, concrete paver making machine, concrete block making machine, concrete pipe making machine... “ZIM Engineering” which is located in Ivedik organized industrial zone at Ankara produces and exports machinery for producing concrete pavers, blocks, curbstones, infrastructure materials, concrete pipes and manholes in 2500 sqm indoor area. Zim Engineering also incorporated CONPIMAC company in 2015 which was one of the leading companies in sector since 1997. With this know-how and incorporation, Zim Engineering take firm steps forward for being the leading company in sector. With its management system and quality standards Zim Engineering productions are in demand at foreign markets. The large proportion of the products are exported to foreign countries as Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Niger, Oman, Palestine, Russia, Macedonia, Cyprus and Georgia. All works as design of machine and equipments, testing, production, marketing – export exist within the structure of Zim Engineering. Also with its after sell maintenance services, technical trainings, Zim Engineering is providing fast and internationally recognized service to its associates. Products: concrete pipe making machine,concrete paver making machine,concrete block making machine,interlock making machine,pipe making machine,concrete paver and block making machine

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Algeria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Oman, Macedonia, Iraq, Sudan, Qatar, Russia, Cyprus, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine, Niger, Ukraine

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Established Date: 1997  Tax Office: Ulus  Tax Number: 9980777029  Staff Count: 26-50  Export Specialist: Mehmet Ali YALÇIN